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MAÎZAM Skin Products are a French patent infused with extraordinary Zamzam water, and they are completely organic.

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Maizam Facial Revitalizing And Anti-Aging Cream


Maizam Face And
Body Hydrating Lotion


Maizam Facial Nourishing And Moisturizing Cream


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I always come back to Maizam

Every time I try another moisturizer for daytime wear, I realize why I liked this product in the first place! It is light and smooth, enabling an even make-up application and keeping my skin hydrated all day long. Love this formula. For reference, I have fair, combination skin.

Perfect match of natural ingredients

All products of Maizam are vegan, alcohol free, and primarily derived from fruit and plant extracts. They have a slight lingering scent, yet not overpowering. Highly recommending Maizam products!

Tops marks for best scent and texture!

Love the scent (like a blend of a dozen flower fragrances), love the texture (ultra-smooth and rich), and love the results on my skin (ultra-soft and radiant). I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I will be ordering more. My skin is glowing!

Patented & protected by intellectual property rights

Cosmetic and Dermatological Compositions Comprising Zamzam Water (Patent Pub. No. WO/2017/203111)

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Check why Maizam products are taking skincare to a completely new level! Let your skin shine in a completely natural way with Zamzam water-based products and glow like never before.

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Give yourself a little love. Find the perfect line for your skin, in just a couple of clicks! Sensitive Skin, Rejuvenation & Hydration, Anti-Age, Whitening, Anti-puffiness & Dark Circles. Your journey begins with Maizam products!

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