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Skin will revive and rejuvenate...The daily application maintains skin hydration

Skin will revive and rejuvenate...
The daily application maintains skin hydration

Hydration is crucial for healthy, smooth and fresh skin.  Maintaining skin hydration has always been a focus of cosmetic and dermatological preparations to combat the daily environmental stress factors that contribute to skin dryness. Applying creams on a regular base improve skin total water content, improve skin hydration, and thus, regains and maintains the dermal standard tissue structure. Depending on the source and nature of the water used in cosmetics, variables like skin total water content, skin hydration, and the duration of skin hydration after application can vary.  

Scientists were interested in investigating the
hydrating effect of Zamzam in dermatology and skincare.  Therefore, a study was launched on volunteers having dry skin.  Each volunteer applied
two creams: the first containing mineral water, and the second containing Zamzam water.
The skin moisturizing effect was evaluated using the corneometry technique.

Results showed that skin hydration increased by 40% after applying Zamzam cream, compared to the one containing mineral water, exhibiting an increase of 35%.  And after 6 hours, results scored an increase in skin hydration of 29% for the former and only 23% for the latter.  According to the study, Zamzam water showed better outcomes concerning skin hydration. Using Zamzam in dermatological preparations is an added value and will have its unique impact on your skin.

Traditional belief

Almost all Abrahamic religions and cultures share a common belief about the origin of Zamzam spring. The story refers back to the prophet Abraham, the father of prophets. After arriving in Arabia accompanied by Hagar (his wife) and Ismael (his little child), they were short of water and had to experience a difficult time amid a desert where no spring was available. According to the story, and during the absence of Abraham, Hagar had strived in the scorching heat to find a source of water for her infant son, driven by her honest motive and pure belief that the merciful God has an eye over her and will support her hard efforts in finding a source of water to save her child. Amid the arid desert, and out of these extraordinary manifestations, the miracle comes. Freshwater sprang from the desert core to the surface and never stopped flowing. But why is this water specially privileged with such a remarkable phenomenon?! Surely, because it is a gift from God to keep Hajar and the later prophet Ismael alive (the detailed story can be read in the holy books of the three Abrahamic religions).

One can find close similarity with the narration mentioned above amongst the three Abraham religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). The narrative further indicates the holy merit of Zamzam, which gained the blessing from God through his angel Gabriel who touched the place of the well. So, whoever drinks or uses this blessed water, shall be blessed as well.

As the Islamic prophet according to Islam Belief was the latter after Jesus and the last of the messengers sent by God, this prophet restressed and confirmed the blessing merit of Zamzam water and advised his followers to drink it and to benefit from its blessing, and healing characteristics. Citation: “the best water on earth is the water of Zamzam [Muhammad(PBUH)}.”

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