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The Coronavirus pandemic has led to thousands over the world getting affected, with the death toll rising sharply every day. Needless to say, its impact on the beauty industry is pretty severe and widespread.

Companies have shifted businesses online

There are numerous travel restrictions that have been imposed, while physical stores have experienced a reduction in footfall, thus causing sales to plummet. To combat this issue, many brands have chosen the digital platform as the way out, by shifting businesses online, till the effects of the pandemic subside. Companies have appealed to their customers to buy products online and refrain from visiting stores, in order to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus as much as possible.

How shifting business online has helped?

Worldwide reach

Even though countries have placed restrictions upon delivery, the digital sphere allows companies to reach out to customers worldwide. This means they can churn out a decent profit, while ensuring the business doesn’t fold (as it has happened in the case of smaller establishments). Customers can also make purchases regardless of the hour, as a website is open 24×7.

Convenient access

As mentioned, the Coronavirus pandemic has almost brought footfall in brick-and-mortar stores to a standstill. So customers are looking to place orders for their favorite beauty products via digital channels. There is an array of options available, and ordering online is much easier as well.

Contactless delivery

Regardless of how careful you are, if you visit a store, there are high chances of coming into contact with someone who is infected with Coronavirus (being unaware of it at the time), which significantly increases the risks of it getting passed onto you too. Ordering online minimizes the risk, as you can get it delivered to your doorstep and take precautions by thoroughly washing your hands and disposing of the packaging. Online retailers are offering “No Contact Delivery” option where you can ask the order to be placed outside your door so you don’t have to come in contact with person who is delivering it.

Lower administration costs

One of the greatest advantages of moving your business online is reducing certain costs, which is crucial when profit margins are low these days. This includes costs of storage spaces: through an online business one can simply arrange to have the products sent directly from the supplier to the client. It also allows for faster delivery (a must in today’s times) and less paperwork for the online business owner.

That is why more companies are looking to operate online, especially with the pandemic accelerating!


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